Wedding inspiration for professional florists: ‘Cherrylicious’

Wedding inspiration for professional florists: ‘Cherrylicious’

The cherry expresses passion & love, it goes without saying! So what is more joyful and romantic than a summer wedding in a cherry orchard..? May love reign supreme!

This playful ‘Cherrylicious’ wedding setting is one of seven trendy marriage themes in ‘Mr & Mrs 2020’: a new brochure full of stunning wedding inspiration and tips. Oasis® Floral Products form the basis, while a professional florist makes the amazing arrangements to suit the occasion.

We’re very inspired by the content: the concepts are very trendy, and both the floristry and photography is very professionally executed. We expect that many florists will find it inspiring, so we are happy to share it with you. Please let us know what you think!

Many more photos of the Cherrylicious wedding photoshoot are available here.

You can find many other examples of stunning wedding floristry on the Smithers-Oasis Germany website as well: it’s a wonderful source of ideas. The brochure (in German) with all the wedding inspiration can be found at the bottom of the page.

You can also download the English version of the wedding brochure through the button below. The brochure includes all the product information for the utilized floristry articles: very handy!

‘Cherrylicious’ is a cooperational shoot with Smithers-Oasis. All the amazing floristry you see in the photos was designed by ‘Die Blumentante Stefanie Müller’, from Germany. The copyright on the photographs belongs to Christine Sauer Photography.

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