Chrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower food. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your own home, Chrysal offers the best solutions to keep them looking fresh for longer.

Through more than 85 years of experience and innovation, a commitment to quality and an on-going search for sustainable solutions, we aim to exceed our customers’ needs – today and tomorrow. The result? Flowers and plants that last longer, happy customers and, in the end, a more beautiful world. Chrysal. Nurturing beauty.




Are you interested in trying out Chrysal’s professional flower care products for florists? Because of our partnership with Chrysal International, Florint subscribers can apply for a free try-out package of Chrysal’s most popular care products. Click here to request yours: we are certain you will love them!

Chrysal is your resource for better flower and plant care: Chrysal helps florists all over the world with advice and inspiration around flowers and flower care, for longer vase life and happy customers. Visit our website to find the right products for any specific flower or plant, and see the effect of Chrysal yourself.


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