‘Scorched Earth’: Thursd boldly draws attention to (un-)sustainability with new 2021 Floral Trend Color

‘Scorched Earth’: Thursd boldly draws attention to (un-)sustainability with new 2021 Floral Trend Color

For the 2021 floral design colours and trends, most trendwatchers expect a yellow palette. To increase awareness about a planet in distress and sustainability in floriculture, Thursd has just launched a related floral trend colour: ‘Scorched Earth’. A golden-yellow colour (#e49e00) that suggests a sun-scorched, barren desert as well as the dawn of a new day. The choice symbolizes the need to reflect, as well as a clear call to action, in the face of accelerating climate change.

Starting at a sunny hue, Thursd’s Scorched Earth colour palette “…ranges from a bright orange towards a slightly broken yellow, where it lingers hopefully, and results in a gloomy yellow-beige symbolizing the destroyed earth. The trend colour emphasizes the need to immerse ourselves in a world that is characterized by colours that reflect sustainable thoughts.”

Climate Change

By choosing a floral trend colour for the year 2021 with a forceful name like Scorched Earth, Thursd wants to raise awareness about the possible consequences of climate change. Despite 2020’s gloomy feel, however, they hint that we should not simply interpret Scorched Earth negatively:

“The urge to do something is emphasized, as well as the positive impact that we are already making in the flower industry”.

The Thursd.com website also highlights the existing floriculture initiatives that have people working together to find solutions. Florint’s own recently launched Sustainable Florist’ certification project receives an honourable mention. A fact we – of course – love to see!

With our Florist of the Future initiative, we have been very focused on making sure floral entrepreneurs survive and thrive in the coming years. This added-value program is all about looking ahead, spotting the global trends, and planning for what’s coming.   

But maybe there is even more we can be doing? A higher standard we should hold ourselves to..? That, exactly, is the valid question raised by #ScorchedEarth.

Creating awareness

Over forty international floral designers will contribute to the Scorched Earth project on Thursd.com in the coming weeks, to generate awareness and attention. They will make designs in that colour palette, and explain why the sustainability theme is so meaningful to them.

So, what does Scorched Earth mean to you..? Is it a feeling you recognise and want to engage with? Florists from all over the globe are challenged to post their floral designs in the Scorched Earth colour palette on social media.

The hashtags #scorchedearthcolor #floraltrendcolor #thursdcolor2021 and #scorchedearth are being used to create a collection of the pieces. Exceptional contributions are spotlighted on Thursd.com.

Intrigued? Continue reading about Scorched Earth at Thursd here, there is lots of thought-provoking content already.

Want to learn more about the various sustainable initiatives that have already been launched in the floriculture industry? “From natural pest control to sustainable florists”: it can all be discovered here.

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