Registration for Florint’s EUROPA CUP reopens temporarily: last chance to take part for courageous florists!

Registration for Florint’s EUROPA CUP reopens temporarily: last chance to take part for courageous florists!

The Organising Committee of the Europa Cup in Poland has decided to reopen enrolment in the European Floristry Championship. Due to the unforeseen postponement of the championship, there is room to accommodate a few more competitors. Registration is open to all professional florists until the end of the year!

The Europa Cup in just a few words:

  • What: the world-famous European Floristry Championship!
  • When: UPDATE: from 26 to 28 August of 2022
  • Where: at the state-of-the-art International Congress Centre in Katowice, Poland
  • Who: between 25 and 30 world-class floral designers will compete
  • Why: because professional floristry deserves the greatest possible podium!
  • How: in a responsible, safe manner. We are taking all possible precautions to give COVID-19 no chance.

Registration details:

The Polish Florist Association and Florint, the International Florist Organisation, welcome you to apply to participate in the Europa Cup 2022. Any country in the world can be represented in the Cup, and any professional florist can compete. However, there can never be more than one florist representing any single country.

Do you think you’re ready for the challenge of a lifetime? This is your chance!


A candidate must be supported by a florist association from his or her country. Florist associations that are members of Florint, the International Florist Organisation, have the right to register their candidate for the Europa Cup championship first. After Florint’s members have nominated their national ‘florist champions’, the spots that remain are filled by candidates from non-member countries. A few open spots still remain.


A florist from a non-member country that wants to participate in the Europa Cup must seek the sponsorship of the national association representing florists in his or her country. If no national florist association exists, the candidate should seek backing from the country’s Interflora unit, or a regional florist association. Can neither be found? Then the candidate should seek the support of a chamber of craft, or other official government body, that deals with floriculture.


Candidate applications should be addressed to the Organizing Committee of the Europa Cup championship. To do so, please send a formal email with your motivation to and You will receive additional information about the registration process.

Entry Fees

Competitors enrolled in the Europa Cup by a florist association that is a full member of Florint pay an entrance fee of € 1.500-. Candidate-members of Florint pay an entry fee of € 2.000- to enrol a candidate. Competitors from other countries pay a fee of € 5.000-. These fee levels are established democratically by the General Assembly of Florint – and go entirely towards the organising of the Championship.

Europa Cup 2022 Communication Channels:

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