Understanding the opportunities of Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam

Understanding the opportunities of Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam

Black foam is about much more than funeral floristry. In fact, arrangements can be made with Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam for any season, and virtually any occasion. To illustrate that, we highlight some unusually colourful designs that use this foam. Let’s call it ‘Indian Summer’!

One of the big advantages of the new Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam is its versatility: it can be used wet or dry, and can easily be sculpted into many different forms. While slightly more expensive than the green Oasis® IDEAL flower foams, this is offset by the fact that the black foam does not have to be covered up completely. The dark colour can be used as a design element, saving you time and money:

A small catalogue is available that offers many interesting takes on how to use the black floral foam: you can click here to view it. Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam is at the base of all the designs, but professional florists show you countless ways to use the foam in a colourful manner. Improvise and get creative!

Other examples with Oasis® BLACK Floral Foam

One example we really loved is this set of refined table arrangements by florist Radko Ivanov Chapov. His work is meticulous, and the visible black foam does not detract from the floristry in any way here. Rather, it adds to the feeling of style and elegance.

Do you happen to have a client with a love for the dramatic and gothic..? Take a good look at this ‘Dark Wedding’ for inspiration. Not all brides love pink tones and wear white!

Want to learn more about the opportunities offered by the Oasis® BLACK foam series? Look at some of the remarkable examples provided in this brochure here:

The lookbook above also shows off the new Oasis® Designer’s Collection: a range of geometric black foam shapes that allow you to take your design in any dimension. Accommodate your own creative whims, or the highly individualistic demands of your customer: there are no boundaries to the imagination!

The copyrights © on the arrangement photos we display on this page belong to Der Blütenwald and Zweigstelle Atelier. We thank them for sharing their stunning works of floral art with us!

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