Mother’s Day floristry: Traditional or Modern..?

Mother’s Day floristry: Traditional or Modern..?

Just like moms, Mother’s Day flowers come in many shapes and forms. What style of arrangement best suits you and your shop, should depend mainly on your customer base. What types of families live in your area? What do they tend to like, and what is their budget? Always put the needs and desires of your buyer first! Ask the right questions, and work from there to decide together what the right arrangement is.

To spark your imagination, we highlight a few different styles of Mother’s Day floristry using floral foam bases below. Perhaps you spot an inspiring concept or accessory that you can borrow!

Artistically Modern:

­čî╣ Floristry courtesy of: Der Bl├╝tenwald Floral Design / Erko Feigl, My Florist.

Traditionally Sweet:

­čî╣ Floristry courtesy of: Floral Design die Blumentante. Photography by: Julia Kn├Ârzer Fotografie ┬ę

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  1. Vickey Hammer

    Thank you!
    Very informative.
    Beautiful ideas.
    Always a different way to display flowers and trinkets.

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