Florist Inspiration: colourful ideas for Mother’s Day

Florist Inspiration: colourful ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day flowers come in many shapes and forms, just like all the women they honour. What style of arrangement best suits you and your shop, depends on your preferences and customer base. What types of families live in your area? What do they tend to like, and what is their budget? Always put the needs and desires of your buyer first! Ask the right questions, offer suggestions, and work together to find out what the right type of arrangement is.

We highlight a diverse range of Mother’s Day floristry styles in this article, from the classic to the very modern. Perhaps you spot an inspiring concept, technique, or accessory that you can use..? We wish you lots of success in the coming, hectic weeks. Good luck, and may business be booming!

Fresh and Colourful:

🌹 Floristry: the OASIS® Floral Products BeNeLux design team, utilizing various OASIS® BIO products.

Contemporary and Artsy:

🌹 Floristry courtesy of: Der Blütenwald Floral Design / Erko Feigl, My Florist.

Opulent and Sweet:

🌹 Floristry courtesy of: Floral Design die Blumentante. Photography by: Julia Knörzer Fotografie ©

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