Florint’s Floristry Judging System is about developing a standardised, transparent assessment methodology and scoring system for floral design, and training and certifying professional assessors in its use. It is a judging system that works exceptionally well, in both a competition and an education setting.

Certification for professional floristry judges & assessors

Florint puts tremendous effort into improving the quality level of floral design competitions. We have developed competition blueprints and formats for this purpose, in which the experiences of many years are collected. But an equally important aspect of competition quality has to do with the capabilities of the involved judges: are they genuine professionals..?

Florint’s Judges Certification System:

The JudgCert system developed by International Florist Organisation accredits florists after a meticulous assessment to evaluate whether the candidate is sufficiently capable of performing professionally as a judge. At first, candidates can only apply to be national judges – and practice on a national level. Only once the candidate is certified on a national basis, can they apply for the advanced, international assessment. 

The European Judges Certification system is based upon the competence profile for a professional international judge. The system has been established by Florint in association with our national member associations and key partners such as Stoas University (since renamed Aeres) and education network Flornet. Its objectives are:

    • to enhance the reputation of (certified) international judges
    • to function as an indicator of experience, skill and professionalism
    • to provide a recognized international accreditation to European/international judges
    • to encourage the development of knowledge and skills pertinent to professional judging
    • to allow judges to demonstrate outstanding professionalism to peers and to potential prospects

In the 5 countries that were involved in the development project, national assessments have been held. Various other countries have also organised their first national assessments with the aid of the experts of the pilot group. On the international level, the first 5 candidates were officially accredited as international certified judges in floral design in October 2013. A number of other talented florists have since joined them.

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