Florint’s Judging System is about developing a standardised, transparent assessment methodology and scoring system for floristry design, and training and certifying professional assessors in its use. It is a judging system that works exceptionally well, in both a competition and an education setting.



Certification for professional floristry judges & assessors

Florint puts real effort into improving the quality level of floral design competitions. We have developed competition blueprints and formats for this purpose, in which the experiences of many years are collected. But an equally important aspect of competition quality has to do with the capabilities of the involved judges: are they genuine professionals?

Upcoming Judges Certification trainings & assessments:

A new international assessment for Florint’s European Judges Certification is being organized in the autumn of 2017. More details will be published as they become known. If you would like to be notified of new announcements regarding our Judges Certification program, please send an email to j.zwitserlood@florint.org indicating your interest. You will be added to our Judges Certification mailing list!

The Judges Certification System:

This new JudgCert system accredits judges only after a meticulous assessment to evaluate whether the candidate is sufficiently capable of performing professionally as a judge, in a national and international competition setting. At first, candidates can only apply to be national judges – and practice on a national level. Only once the candidate is certified on a national basis, can they apply for the international assessment. And only after the successful conclusion of that evaluation will they be able to practice floristry judging at an international level. One international certificate will apply to judging floral work in a competition setting, another to assessing floristry students in an educational setting.

The European Judges Certification system is based upon the competence profile for a professional international judge. It has been established by Florint in association with our national member associations and key partners such as Stoas University and education network Flornet. Its key objectives are:

    • • to enhance the reputation of (certified) international judges
    • to function as an indicator of experience, skill and professionalism
    • • to provide a recognized international accreditation to European/international judges
    • • to encourage the development of knowledge and skills pertinent to professional judging
    • to allow judges to demonstrate outstanding professionalism to peers and to potential prospects

In the 5 countries that were involved in the development project, national assessments have already been held or are on their way. Apart from these, various other countries have the intention to start, or are already busy preparing, their first national assessments with the aid of the experts of the pilot group. On the international level the first 5 candidates have, as of October 2013, in fact been officially certified as international judges in floral design. You can see their elated faces in the slideshow above!

On the basis of the competence profile employed for the certification system, training courses that will educate prospective judges in the various elements of floristry assessment are also being developed.

We hope the system will elevate judging in floral design competitions as well as in schools/colleges to a higher level, will create more transparency regarding judging competences, and will provide a huge stimulus to the exchange of knowledge with regards to the craft of judging – throughout Europe as well as other parts of the world.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Certified European Floral Design Judge, please put in a request to our association manager.

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