Inspiration: doing Valentine’s floristry on a sustainable basis

Inspiration: doing Valentine’s floristry on a sustainable basis

Valentine’s Day is on its way! Let’s prepare for this busiest day of the year, and plan ahead as best as we can. We want to share some inspiring floral design with you, which takes the classic Valentine’s arrangement to new heights by emphasizing sustainability.

Will you be selling countless red roses as we approach February 14? Of course! But other flowers are growing in popularity for Valentine’s as well. And, nowadays, more and more people take their ecological footprint into account when they purchase products…

So let’s combine the Valentine’s Day theme with that of sustainability, and position ourselves to benefit from this timely trend in ecological awareness. It’s good for the environment and future generations, and good for business as well.

Sustainable Valentine’s floristry ideas:

As you can tell, hearts feature prominently in these designs. It is for Valentine’s Day, after all. But other enticing foam shapes have been included too, as well as romantic plant arrangements in a natural look. Always pick the design style that fits you, and use that as your inspiration. Your own passion is your guide to success!

Floral foam variants used in these arrangements include the OASIS® BLACK BIOLINE® Crea, and OASIS® Bio Floral Foam series. The plant arrangements (at the end) make use of the innovative coir-based OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media. All these solutions are very well suited to florists that want to operate sustainably!


A huge thanks to floral designers Gianna Schenke, Cathy Devaud, Franky Bollingh and Philippe Bas for sharing their arrangement ideas with us.

Florint also wants to thank Studio PSG and BLOOMS for allowing us to re-print their photos.

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