Inspiration: Summer floristry utilizing unique added-value  solutions

Inspiration: Summer floristry utilizing unique added-value solutions

The Summer season is in full swing, and it calls for colourful floral arrangements that dazzle your customers. Evoke that warm, sensuous Summer sentiment in your design work! In this inspiration article, FLORINT and Smithers-Oasis suggest some professional approaches to Summer floristry that can work really well. Plus, we recall the interesting role that special floral foam shapes can play in creating added value.

Using colour to make a strong floral statement

Did you notice how the blue Rainbow Brick floral foam beautifully augments the ocean-themed arrangement in the first set of photos? This is a clever way to boost the colour harmony of the design.

In the citrus-themed Summer arrangement, yellow accessories and containers are used in a similar manner: to heighten the resonance between the individual design elements. The mix of harmoniously compatible hues elevates what is a simple arrangement to a higher level. You can almost feel the sun’s warmth just by looking at the flowers!

🌹 Blue Rainbow Brick arrangements by: Monika Roth

🌹 Summer arrangements in yellow by: Erko Feigl, of MyFlorist

Colourful table pieces with black foam

As a florist, there are many effective ways to cover your floral foam and subtly hide your design mechanics. You can use bags, wraps, pots, or various plant materials to do so. But did you know that OASIS® BLACK Floral Foam can also be used as a striking design element itself? You can see some intriguing examples of this in the photos above.

🌹 Floristry & 📷 photography by: BLOOM’s design studio from Germany.

Working with Oasis® Floral Foam Special Shapes

Uniquely shaped floral foam arrangements can also make excellent decorations. They make a big impression, and people love their funny appearance. Florists can profit from the added value they offer, so make sure to use them when the occasion is right!

Nowadays, Smithers-Oasis offers a wide range of shapes that are suitable for every possible occasion. Take a look:

Learn more

A great resource about these unique floral foam shapes is Smithers-Oasis’ professional Lookbook for florists, available online here:

These last photographs come courtesy of Markus Köpke Photography, and Makis Photography.

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