Inspiration: nature-based Easter and Spring arrangement work

Inspiration: nature-based Easter and Spring arrangement work

The start of Spring is upon us, which means Easter is right around the corner. Professional florists need to start thinking about the seasonal arrangements they will be making and selling, and plan ahead. Thankfully, nature provides ample inspiration these months!

Tips for natural Spring decorations:

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A simple basket of bulbs or sprouted seeds can be turned into a striking Spring arrangement. It just takes a bit of creative thinking! The great use of natural materials coupled with the right selection of blooms, makes these professional pieces stand out. Twigs, moss and bark further enhance the feeling of ‘bringing Nature into your home’. A good example of clever floristry!

Virtually every customer loves Easter wreaths and seasonal bulb arrangements such as these. They capture that vital Spring feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation. And isn’t that something we’re all desperate for after winter..?

🌹 Floral design: BLOOM’s from Germany.


Did you know that the Easter holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon of Spring? This is why the date varies annually!

Easter wreaths and pot arrangements:

Did you spot the rolled-up cork strips, which emulate the look of a traditional Easter wreath? Challenge yourself to think outside the box like that. Try to create something that you have never done before! Doing so can really (re-)ignite your passion for floristry.

Narcissus and the young shoots of pussy willow really bring out the feeling of Spring in these vase arrangements. Add extra texture and colour depth by incorporating different branches, grasses and spring blooms. Feel free to keep it natural, easy-going and free-flowing!

🌹 Floral design: Two Easter egg wreath designs by Cathy Deaux / All other Spring arrangements by Lisa Thalmayr.

More inspiration:

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The photo-shoots featured here were realised by professional floral designers, in cooperation with the Smithers-Oasis team.

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