Inspiration: funeral floristry designs for the Autumn season

Inspiration: funeral floristry designs for the Autumn season

The brightness and warmth of Summer have gone away, and October is rapidly approaching. The leaves of most trees are changing colour and have started to fall. The cycle is turning. For this edition of our ‘Florist Inspiration’ series, let’s focus on sympathy floristry with a natural, autumn-season feel.  

Floral sympathy gifts that evoke nature

The craftsmanship is apparent, in this range of green mourning floristry designs by the team from BLOOM’s. Bark, moss, twigs, lichen and pine cones are used to establish a distinct woodland feel.

These elements are coupled with plants such as Ammi majus, Carlina acaulis, Dianthus barbatus, Larix decidua, Eucalyptus gunnii, Hypericum, Leontopodium, Pinus strobus and Sempervivum. The final products are compelling and emotionally expressive. They are perfectly suited for someone who loved green with all his heart.  

Natural urn decorations and funeral arrangements

Does your client prefer a bit more colour, rather than so much green? That is understandable for sympathy floristry, where it is so crucial to get the sentiment right. Always make sure to ask your customer what exactly it is they are looking for.  

These designs by florists Tino Hoogterp and Benedikt Alberter (the last 10 photos) show various professional approaches to funeral flowers. Whether it is a cross, a wreath, or an urn arrangement you are looking to make, there are lessons you can learn from these examples.

You can click any image to zoom in, see the whole arrangement, and scroll through the entire photo gallery.

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