Inspiration for professional florists: trendy Valentine’s Day designs

Inspiration for professional florists: trendy Valentine’s Day designs

Valentine’s Day! This most romantic day of the year is a florist’s best friend, yet often an occasion for stress as well. Florint cannot make the day less hectic for you, but we can offer you a few amazing arrangement tips. These gift designs will have your customers saying ‘wow!’

Will our sales disappoint, or be unexpectedly enormous? Did we stock enough of this, or too much of that..? When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you never know.

What you can predict, is that you will be selling a whole lot of roses. however, not every buyer with love on his mind is looking for the classic red rose. Modern flowers and gift arrangements are growing in popularity. With that in mind: take a good look at these designs!

Trendy, modern Valentine’s Day arrangements:

These professional arrangements appeal to various customer groups. And they allow you to add more value than single flowers or mono-bouquets. Clever, trendy papercraft deco and romantic accessories further boost their perceived value. All these facts help boost your sales and improve your margins.

Pick the ones that suit your business and target group(s), and let’s make this Valentine’s Day a highly successful one!

The inspirational photo-shoots above were realised by the professional floral designers of Blooms, in cooperation with Smithers-Oasis. All copyrights on the photographs belong to Blooms.

Are you looking for more inspiration..? Endless Valentine’s Day and gift floristry ideas await you here:

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