Inspiration for professional florists: Mother’s Day themes

Inspiration for professional florists: Mother’s Day themes

Mother’s Day is around the corner..! Orders will skyrocket as we approach this crucial day, so it is important that florist entrepreneurs plan ahead well. Stock the products you will need early, and think carefully about the arrangements you will be making – as well as how you will be marketing them!

Mother’s Day flowers come in as many forms as mothers do. Some customers prefer mono-colour roses, others mixed bouquets in mom’s favourite tints, or complex heart-shaped arrangements. The tantalizing photoshoots below go even further. They make Mother’s Day into a truly dreamlike event. Our aim is to stimulate your imagination: be bold!

The Enchanted Forest:

Mother’s Day is about spending time together, isn’t it? Creating beautiful moments together is the most meaningful way to say “thank you“, after all. This enchanted forest event setting envisions such a beautiful moment.

The 3D heart with white roses is enhanced with fleece wool in the back, showing professional attention to detail. The entire table is a feast for the eyes. A magical bouquet for mom, in classic green and white, makes the enchanted forest scene complete.

To learn more about this trendy Mother’s Day style, and the products used in this photoshoot:

A Nostalgic Mother’s Day:

Are you fond of Vintage and Retro styles..? Gorgeous flowers are arranged on an OASIS(R) BLACK BIOLIT(R) ring as the centerpiece. Then we add a delicate heart made from blue decorative wire, and a uniquely nostalgic bouquet for mom…

A Land of Milk and Honey:

A lollipop bouquet, lots of pink, and endless cake to spoil mommy with..? This must be the imagination of a child, running wild. Such a sweet fantasy..!

These gorgeous photo-shoots were realised by Die Blumentante Steffi Müller and Julia Knörzer Fotografie_Gestaltung, in cooperation with Smithers-Oasis and the following event partners:

Craving more..? A lot more wondrous floristry ideas await you here:

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