Inspiration for florists: the Autumn & Advent season

Inspiration for florists: the Autumn & Advent season

In the last quarter of the year, we focus our floristry inspiration on Advent and Christmas themes. Autumn is here, which means we have to start planning for the December month. And you can’t think of Christmas, without thinking of floral wreaths…

How to make professional wreaths is something a florist learns early on in his career. Nowadays, however, floral wreaths don’t necessarily have to be of the traditional kind. You can design with any colour combination, and the materials you can use have evolved as well. There is more freedom to experiment, so get creative. Here are some delightful examples!

Wreath designs for the Autumn and Advent season

The ring arrangements were made by French designers Charline Pritscaloff and Arnaud Lechantre, while the autumn wreath is by German florist Erko Feigel of ‘My florist’. The designers have cleverly made use of OASIS® BLACK BIOLIT® Ring and OASIS® Bio BIOLIT® Floral Foam Ring bases for their pieces.

Statement pieces for Advent and Christmas

Do you prefer a bit more colour in your Advent arrangements? Then you may well love these sparkling floral designs by Belgian florists Franky Bollingh and Jan de Ridder (the last two photos). Crafty as well as eye-catching! You can click the images to zoom in and see the whole arrangement. These photographs come courtesy of © Studio PSG.

We would love to see what you come up with yourself in the coming months! For more inspiration, view these varied Advent floristry styles.

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