Inspiration for florists: Baby Showers, Birthdays & Kids Parties

Inspiration for florists: Baby Showers, Birthdays & Kids Parties

Whether it’s a communion, a baby shower or a full-fledged floral birthday party where the kids themselves experiment with flower arranging: children and flowers go together well! For all those joy-filled occasions, we offer florists a few trendy suggestions here to help them along the way:

A flower theme works incredibly well for any outdoor celebration. Spring and summer are the optimal seasons for it, of course. However, these aren’t the only moment of the year to celebrate with a flower party…

Cleverly combine seasonal blooms with fun floral decorations, foods and activities — or even a few artificial flowers — and you can make the floral theme a great choice for any time of year.

Baby Shower with Flower Power:

A baby shower is a lovely way to share the joy of anticipating a child with friends and family. Pay attention to detail when it comes to the party decorations: pick a theme, and match the flowers, presents, table decoration as well as extras like the buffet. Your professionalism will shine through!

One extra tip: throwing a baby shower party is often stressful for the expecting father and mother. As a florist, you can score by offering an all-inclusive event package. Work with a local bakery and baby shop to deliver a complete concept, and keep the party worry-free for the parents.

🌹 Floral design: Die Zuckerblüte – Anna Boxberger
📷 Photography: Anna&Johannes – Wedding Photographers

Fun Floral Ideas for Kids:

Children love flowers, all over the world. And it’s a lot of fun to do something special with flowers for a child’s birthday celebration, like the examples in these photos. Or even to go pick and arrange flowers together with them: their very first lesson in floristry! In Summer, the eye-catching floral ice cream treats are a guaranteed success. And not only among children..!

The funny llama-shaped wooden plate with incorporated floral foam is a new introduction, known as the OASIS® BLACK BIOLINE® Alpaka plus. To learn more about this cool floristry product and how it can be used, click here!

🌹 Floral design: Alpaka designs © Smithers-Oasis / Ice cream designs © Bloom’s
Photography: Smithers-Oasis

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