Inspiration for professional florists: designs with sustainable floral foam

Inspiration for professional florists: designs with sustainable floral foam

More and more florists are actively trying to make their business more ‘Green’. They want sustainable solutions when it comes to production, packaging, waste management, as well as all the other important aspects of being a floral entrepreneur. Here at Florint, we feel the same! So, we try to do all we can to help florists make the transition to more sustainable business practices.

For that reason, our inspiration material focuses on sustainable floral foam this time. A lot of innovation has taken place in this area, in recent years. Smithers-Oasis has introduced not only a wide range of OASIS® BIO Floral Foam bases, but also the new NatureSource™ Floral Foam – which is made with ~20% biobased ingredients!

On the road to 100% sustainable production, we feel these are crucial milestones. The products are only available in select countries for now (see below), but we can’t wait for these two impressive product ranges to conquer the world of floristry.

And, in case you had any doubts, these new floral foams allow you to make exceptional floral arrangements! Just take a look at the creative examples below:

Wedding table decorations with OASIS® NatureSource™ Floral Foam:

This stunning photo-shoot was realised by (C) Vivian Sonnenberger Fotografie, together with florist Gianna Schenke of Der Bluetenwald and Smithers-Oasis.

Various table decorations with OASIS® BIO Floral Foam:

Thanks to florists Cathy Devaud, Charline Pritscaloff, Jacques Castagné and Natacha Ouamour for sharing these wonderful creations with us! Please click the individual photos for more information about the designer and the OASIS® products that were used in the arrangement.

Product availability

Dear florists, please note: the OASIS® BIO Floral Foam range is currently only available in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. When additional markets are supported, we will be the first to notify you!

The OASIS® NatureSource™ Floral Foam is, for now, only available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

To look up an OASIS®/Floralife® sales representative in your region, please click here.

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Looking for additional information about these sustainable foam products, or just some more inspiration material..? Take a look here:

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