Inspiration: Cool, colourful floral gifts for sizzling Summer days

Inspiration: Cool, colourful floral gifts for sizzling Summer days

Have you been asked to do the decorations for an upcoming event..? A business gathering or a modern Summer wedding, perhaps? Or maybe you could use an original, eye-catching gift idea. Take a look at these unique, contemporary floral foam presents, which are sure to draw attention and make people smile!

Hip, modern floral gifts

The combination of OASIS® BLACK Foam with just a few statement flowers makes for a strong design concept. The florists then used OASIS® AQUA COLOUR Spray to add contrasting colour elements, as a finishing touch.

The result is striking, and unlike anything you see in the average flower shop. These artsy arrangements will appeal to customer groups you would normally not expect to reach, and they can work wonders as event decorations.

🌹 Floristry by: © Der Blütenwald Floral Design

Discover more

Do you want to discover all the possibilities offered by the OASIS® Designer’s Collection floral foam range..?

Browse through this Lookbook here on publication platform, to see some amazing examples of what a professional arranger can come up with using these foam building blocks!

In the video below, you can also see how the teachers and students of the Weihenstephan College for Floral Art in Germany get creative with these materials. It’s quite an inspirational sight:

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