Inspiration for florists: adding value to designs with OASIS® AQUA Colour Spray

Inspiration for florists: adding value to designs with OASIS® AQUA Colour Spray

Do you occasionally use florist sprays..? If so, are you already familiar with the range of OASIS® AQUA Colour Sprays? In the hands of a crafty florist, a can of spray paint is a powerful tool. And these unique water-based sprays can be used on plants, floral foam as well as deco items. This makes them highly versatile, and an essential instrument for in your floristry toolbox. Just take a look at the examples below to see what we mean!

Using OASIS® AQUA Colour Spray on vases and floral foam:

As you can see here, the OASIS® Aqua Colour sprays can help you add amazing highlights to your arrangement work. Young German florist talent Tino Hoogterp applies the sprays in two contrasting ways. In the first series of designs, he adds a dazzling splash of colour to his glass and ceramic vases.

In the second series, however, his use of OASIS® Aqua Colour White is much more subdued. The white spray paint adds subtle elements to his modern arrangements with Black Floral Foam from the OASIS® Designer`s Collection. It takes a professional’s eye to see exactly where the paint has been applied, and how it adds artistic value to the end product!

🌹 Floral design: Tino Hoogterp – Florales Handwerk
📷 Photography: Nami Kim

Floral artistry with OASIS® Aqua Colour sprays:

Blue flowers are fairly rare, as you well know. But isn’t there something especially serene about the blue segment of the colour spectrum? Well, if you are a fan of azure, turquoise, navy and midnight blue, consider yourself lucky! The floristry design team from Bloom’s in Germany has put together some delightful arrangement work for you.

Using eye-catching materials and techniques, they show you how the various shades of OASIS® Aqua Colour Blue can be used to create floral magic:

🌹 Floral design: Bloom’s
Photography: Smithers-Oasis

All the benefits of OASIS® Aqua Colour:

  • It’s a water-based spray with a gorgeous silky gloss finish
  • It comes in dozens of colours, and is almost odourless
  • It’s fast-drying and covers well
  • It’s suitable for indoor use
  • And it can be safely used on plant-based materials, deco, accessories and even floral foam

Would you like to learn more about these innovative spray paint products for florists? To find the Smithers-Oasis support website for your local region, visit the landing page at

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