Innovative Chrysal ‘Arrive Alive® Eco’ recognised with Greenovation Award nomination

Innovative Chrysal ‘Arrive Alive® Eco’ recognised with Greenovation Award nomination

Have you already heard of Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco? This interesting product is the evolved version of the ‘Arrive Alive’ you are probably familiar with: more sustainable, and a much smaller footprint!

Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco is an eco-friendly flower packaging that preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport. The innovation behind the product has been recognized by Dutch flower auction cooperative Royal FloraHolland, which has nominated Arrive Alive® Eco for the Greenovation Award. FloraHolland wants to stimulate sustainability in the chain, so they present these awards annually during the famousTrade Fair Aalsmeer.

The eco-friendly version of the Arrive Alive flower wrap creates a water reservoir for cut flowers. So there is no need for a bucket or vase with water, making it very user-friendly. No more spillages! Florists will definitely appreciate that.

The flower wrap and bag of Arrive Alive Eco are made from renewable resources and are fully compostable. This means that Arrive Alive Eco can be disposed of with your garden and organic waste.

Moreover, the carbon footprint of Arrive Alive® Eco is more than 85% lower than that of the regular Chrysal Arrive Alive! It’s a great step to help further sustainability in the flower sector.

Learn more about the Greenovation Award nomination, and view a video of the product at the Chrysal website.

[Update: Chrysal’s Arrive Alive Eco has unfortunately not won the Greenovation Award this year. That honour goes to Bernhard Plant Nursery, for their innovative Elegant Phalaenopsis product line. Read more over at!]

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