How many of the OASIS® Special Shapes do you know already?

How many of the OASIS® Special Shapes do you know already?

Unique shapes and trendy animals are popular in the Consumer Goods market, nowadays. Shoppers love them, for special occasions or even just for their funny looks. The same principle can apply in floristry. So, let’s profit from those trends and make some eye-catching, unusually shaped flower arrangements!

That is what Smithers-Oasis thought when they launched their first special foam shapes, a trio of animals: Flamingo, Unicorn and Alpaka. And they were popular. But consumers want the right shape of floral foam for every occasion, the company soon realised…

So, an ever-larger range of Special Shapes of OASIS® Floral Foam was produced. They fit joyous occasions, like birthdays and religious celebrations, as well as mournful events such as funerals. The company currently offers a very wide variety, as you can see in the pictures here:

Flamingos for garden parties, a teddy bear for children, an angel or butterfly for christenings, or the solidarity ribbon for a charity event – florists can create the perfect decoration for every occasion. And make a huge impression with their design!

Learning more

To find out which shapes are available in your region, we recommend contacting your local supplier. They will be able to tell you more. If you have a great idea for an unusual shape yourself, tip OASIS® via:

For additional information about these special shapes of floral foam, you can scroll through Smithers-Oasis’ professional Lookbook for florists. Click the image below to view it online:

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