Grandparents Day: added value for the world of floristry

Grandparents Day: added value for the world of floristry

Are you familiar with Grandparent’s Day? This memorable holiday honours grandmothers and grandfathers, and brings the generations closer together through the universal message of flowers and plants. For florists, the celebration offers an excellent opportunity to promote their added value.

The day is an occasion for (great-)grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren, to strengthen the bond between generations. Plants and flowers have become an important symbol of Grandparents Day, because they stimulate social interaction. And they sprout, grow and bloom in the same way grandchildren do!

Furthermore, as we florists know very well, flowers and plants have an unmatched power to transmit emotion and affection. They can encourage contact and dialogue among generations, and bring the younger generation closer to nature.

Added Value

We recommend florists to be aware of when (and if) Grandparents Day is observed in their country. Mark the day on your calendar, and use the opportunity to put grandparents in the spotlight and promote your services. 

In most of Europe, the day of the grandparents is celebrated in September or October – with 2 October being the most widespread. The exact date varies between countries and per year, however (see below).

Grandparents Day is also about sustaining relationships

Aside from honouring senior citizens, National Grandparents Day is about sustainability. It highlights the importance of long-lasting relationships and long-term thinking. Maintaining strong social ties has many health benefits and prevents isolation later in life. More and more studies indicate that loneliness is one of the biggest challenges older people face. Young people have a vital role to play here.

We all have a duty to pass a healthy, inhabitable earth on to future generations. Our elders must share their knowledge of flowers, plants and nature with the upcoming generations. This connection to the natural lifeworld is, unfortunately, easily lost in this modern, ever more digital world.

The President of Florint, Simon Ogrizek, was invited to speak about the importance of Grandparents Day for florists during a webinar on the ‘Week Against Loneliness’ on 23 September 2020.

His Excellency Marco Hennis (l), the Dutch Ambassador to Italy, and Florint President Simon Ogrizek (r).

The online seminar was organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy, in cooperation with Fairtrade International and the Myplant & Garden fair. If you are interested, you can view Simon’s presentation here:

When is Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day (‘Festa dei Nonni’) is traditionally celebrated in Italy on 2 October: the day of the Guardian Angels according to the Catholic calendar. The dates for other countries are:

  • U.K.: 1st Sunday in October
  • France: 1st Sunday in March
  • Germany: 2nd Sunday in October
  • Poland: 21 January (Grandma’s Day) and 22 January (Grandpa’s Day)
  • Spain: 2 October
  • The Netherlands: 1st weekend in October
  • Croatia: 2 October
  • Slovenia: 23 September
  • Estonia: 2nd Sunday in September
  • U.S.: 1st Sunday after Labor Day
  • Brazil: 26 July
  • Japan: 3rd Monday in September.
  • Mexico: 28 August
  • The Philippines: 2nd Sunday in September

Do you think any of these dates are incorrect? Or do you want to add your country to our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

Who are behind Grandparents Day?

The promotion of Grandparents Day is originally an initiative of Charles Lansdorp and his Felini Foundation, together with VGB, the Dutch Association of Wholesale Trade in Horticultural Products.

International Florist Organisation has been a backer of the program for more than five years now. In recognition of the connection between grandparents and sustainability, Fairtrade International also decided to support Grandparents Day in early 2019.  

More and more companies help promote Grandparents Day worldwide, including our strategic partner Chrysal International. The Royal Dutch Embassy and the Italian Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation also support the initiative.

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