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The EU encompasses a huge bureaucratic organization, which can be hard to get one’s head around. Considering the priorities signaled in the ‘EU policy on floristry’ section, we divide this section in themes and tell you where to find information from the European Commission, European Council, and the European Parliament.

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General Institutions and websites:

European Commission
The European Commission is the guardian of the European treaties and defends the European interests. It is the main initiator of European legislation when it has the authority from the treaties.

Council of the European Union
The Council of the European Union is the institution composed by the governments of the 28 Member States of the EU. The Council will coordinate and decide on all policies of the EU.

European Parliament
The European Parliament is the only institution directly elected by the people of the European Union. In EU legislation the European Parliament is either directly involved in the making of legislation where the treaties allow it to do so, or it gives important opinions on those pieces of legislation where it is not a co-legislator.

Committee of the Regions
The committee of the regions is made up of all the regions in Europe. It gives its opinion on legislation within the EU.

European Economic and Social Committee
The European Economic and Social Committee contributes to strengthening the democratic legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Union by enabling civil society organisations from the Member States to express their views at European level.

European Ombudsman
Any EU citizen or entity may appeal the Ombudsman to investigate an EU institution on the grounds of maladministration: administrative irregularities, unfairness, discrimination, abuse of power, failure to reply, refusal of information or unnecessary delay.

EU Press office
For all the latest news from the EU:


EU tax directive (2006)

General Overview

Commission DG Tax and Customs Union

Council of the European Union Economic and Financial Affairs

European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee

Consumer rights

Directive on Consumer Rights

European Commission Consumers

Council of the European Union Employment, Social Policy and Consumer affairs

European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee


EU Internet Governance

Commission DG Content

Council of the European Union Transport, Telecomunications and Energy

European Parliament Industry, Research and Energy committee

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

General SME policies

European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry

Council of the European Union Competitiveness

European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee


European Policy on flowers and plants

European Commission DG Agriculture

Council of the European Union Agriculture and Fisheries

European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development Committee


European Trade with third countries (Kenya, Ecuador, Russia, Columbia)

European agriculture trade

European Commission DG Trade

Council of the European Union Trade Agreements

European Parliament International Trade Committee

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