State of the EU florist sector

This page offers an overview of the current state of affairs in the European florist sector, based on information gathered through our member organisations. Florint is currently working on various fact sheets detailing the state of affairs at the country level.

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The European Market

International Florist Organisation recently carried out a survey in 13 European countries, via our national member associations, in order to gain further insight into the state of the market. The condensed findings of that survey are as follows:

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Europe’s professional florists have lived through an extremely difficult time. Today, Europe’s floral industry presents two faces: those countries where the sector is starting to pick-up (like the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and Scandinavia), and those where high VAT and low demand are killing the industry (the majority of countries, very unfortunately).

The reasons are many: increased legal and illegal competition, a race to the bottom in prices , and lack of knowledge on how to add value to professional florist creations. However, there are solutions: to bring VAT rates down, and to have national florist associations and other sector actors help florists understand consumers and their purchasing behaviour better.

Florists in Europe have reached the bottom when it comes to cutting their costs and are struggling to make it to the end of each month. They need to find incentives to their sales, through effective demand-side solutions like good marketing and VAT reductions. Only then can they start to cope with the competition in the market, which appears here to stay.

To read an executive summary of our survey of the European floristry sector, please download it through the following link: Florint European Florist Sector Report 2014

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