Government Affairs

This section of our website is dedicated to issues in the floristry sector that touch on European and national government policy, and therefore involve our political advocacy work on behalf of the floriculture sector.

government affairs

In the subsection on ‘EU Policy’, you can find more information on issues that the European Union deals with that impact, or have the potential to impact, the floriculture sector. VAT tariffs, consumer rights rulings, trade agreements, phytosanitary matters and any other such issues.

The ‘florist EU resource center’ offers a list of various European Union webpages where florists can access information that is potentially useful to them.

The ‘EU and country sector reports’ page offers an overview of the European state of affairs and various country fact sheets.

The ‘Facts and figures’ subpage provides a similar overview of Europe and its member countries, but just quantitatively – by the numbers.

‘Push your position’, lastly, offers florists various resources and tips to help them effectively lobby the government at the local, regional and (inter)national level.

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