Gorgeous Spring Inspiration for you from Denmark

Gorgeous Spring Inspiration for you from Denmark

Katharina Albrechtsen – the reigning Danish Champion and competitor in FLORINT’s Europa Cup 2022 – works as a professional florist in a flower shop in Denmark. Bjarne Aarhus is a freelance florist and has been assisting Katharina in various competitions. He will also be her assistant at the Europa Cup in Katowice, Poland, in August. Together, they would like to share their seasonal arrangement work with you.

Springtime is their favourite season – a sentiment many florists will relate to. The designers both love when everything comes back to life after a long and dark winter, and are deeply inspired by nature. This passion infuses much of their work:

Note: this selection of spring bouquets and arrangements is entirely designed for the shop! They are typical designs that suit the customer, and have proven to be very popular.

We hope you like them too, and will have success with something similar!

Photo credits: Henrik Mark, BLOMSTER Magazine

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