Florint’s European Floristry Education Project: an ambitious international project in which we develop a common curriculum and assessment system for schools that teach floral design.

Our goal is to enhance the quality level of modern education; standardise the differing instruction systems that exist between countries, and stimulate the international mobility of florists.

The first phase of this project focused on the development of learning units, modules, an assessment system, and ‘digital classrooms’ that allow these floristry courses to be followed in a Virtual Learning Environment. This phase of our florist education project was funded through a KA2 Erasmus+ grant from the European Union.

The second, follow-up phase of our floristry education project was launched in 2020. It focuses on implementing the developed system in Florint member countries that lack formal education in floristry.

Florint’s floristry education project is managed together with our education partner Flornet, a European network of 30+ floristry schools. Flornet also helps with the execution of our Judges’ Certification project, through which we certify florists as professional floral design assessors.

Together with our other education partners, we are united in the European Platform for Floristry Vocational Education & Training (EPFVET).

Contact Florint’s Direction Committee via:

Email: info@florint.org
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