Florist Tricks, Tips & Trends

On this page you will find tutorial videos of floral arrangements by renowned designers, to inspire your arrangement work and help arouse your passion! A link to our Florint YouTube page with lots of useful video tutorials is provided at the bottom!

Our valued partner organization FlowerFactor headed by Dutch master floral arranger Pim van den Akker presents the interesting ‘How To Make’ floral design tutorials below. “Inspire yourself and others!”, as he likes to put it!

Nelleke Bontje shows you how to create an elegant spring flower arrangement with beautiful Lisianthus. This strong variety has lots of side branches which Nelleke can all use in this arrangement! She uses a simple glass bowl and transforms it with wicker, veneer and black grass into a cool base for these beauties. Nice idea to reuse pots and vases that might not be that interesting on its own!

Dutch florist Chantal Vollenbroek shares an idea for a centerpiece with peonies. She makes an original design with the 'Bartzella', 'Sarah Bernhard' and 'Red Charme' peonies. She shows you how to create a structure with applewood to serve as a strong base for these pretty peonies!

For the Florint YouTube page with an archive of a lot of our floral design video tutorials, as well as other fantastic floristry related videos, for you to browse at will, please click here! It will open in a new browser tab or window.