Florint partners with Korea’s Goyang International Flower Foundation!

Florint partners with Korea’s Goyang International Flower Foundation!

Great news: Florint, the International Florist Organisation, is starting an official collaboration with Korea’s Goyang International Flower Foundation. Our shared goal is, of course, to raise the florist profession to an even higher level!

An official Memorandum of Cooperation was just signed between the two parties during the Horticulture Goyang flower show in Korea. It expresses the intent of both parties to work together in the coming years to further cultivate the field of floristry and flower culture.

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Goyang International Flower Foundation (find them on Facebook here) organizes the renowned International Horticulture Goyang exhibition and flower show. The annual event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the South Korean city’s Lake Park. It is being held from April 27 to May 13 this year.

A small team of Florint’s accredited floristry judges just returned from scoring the Flower Moments 2018 championship, the international floral design competition that takes place at the Goyang flower show. Florint regularly sends certified professionals to help with the judging of floral arrangement in florist championships.

Our professional championship judges also gave a short seminar about Florint’s Judges Certification system there. The response was very enthusiastic, which led to further discussion and the signing of this official memorandum of cooperation.


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