Florint’s International 100-Points System for evaluating floristry design

To professionalise floristry assessment, Florint has established a standardised judging system. The system is known as the “International 100-Points System”. It is easy to use and transparent, yet fairly sophisticated. It has served its purpose well, ever since being developed. It is actively being used in competitions all over the world, including the Interflora World Cup!

The 100-Points System is based on four main evaluation criteria: Idea, Colour, Composition and Technique. All four are divided into sub-categories, and are ‘weighted’ individually, to allow for even more precise analysis and assessment.

Since its launch some 30 years ago, the scoring system has constantly been improved upon. A big update to the score sheets used in the 100-points system is being finalised at the moment, in fact. This update will make it even easier for trained assessors to transparently measure, input, and calculate their scores.

Florint’s Judges’ Certification System

Aspiring floristry judges were initially required to follow some courses to get acquainted with the 100-points system methodology. Thereafter, they would be included in Florint’s list of official European floristry judges.

A few years ago, however, Florint, decided to further improve upon this system – together with Flornet and other industry partners. What came out of this follow-up initiative, was the Florint Judges’ Certification (‘JudgCert’) system. This is the new instruction method Florint teaches and promotes, which replaces the old format of judging courses.

This new system is based upon the 100-points system for evaluating floristry design, however. So, knowledge of Florint’s 100-points system remains vital to becoming a certified, professional floristry design judge.

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