EUROFLEURS 2023, our European Championship for Young Florists, has been won by French prodigy Benoît Barbin!

EUROFLEURS 2023, our European Championship for Young Florists, has been won by French prodigy Benoît Barbin!

The European Championship for Young Florists 2023, organised by FLORINT together with the Slovenian Chamber of Crafts & Small Business and the Arboretum Volčji Potok on August 24 to 26, has come to a successful conclusion.

Benoît Barbin from France convincingly claimed the title in sunny Slovenia, while the young florist competitors from Germany and Denmark won second and third place.

International Florist Organisation FLORINT would like to wholeheartedly congratulate the three EUROFLEURS 2023 prize-winners on their fantastic achievements and well-deserved victory:

  • 1st Place: Benoît Barbin from FRANCE
  • 2nd Place: Anian Friedrich from GERMANY
  • 3rd Place: Karoline Pedersen from DENMARK

A special word of praise to the nine other wonderful competitors in the European Championship for Young Florists as well: thank you for taking part, and giving it your all. You were all amazingly creative, and we can’t wait to see you take your next steps on the international floristry stage!

Denmark’s Karoline Pedersen works on task 1. – Photos (c) Jens Poulsen of BLOMSTER.

Outstanding talent

The EUROFLEURS 2023 competition brought a dozen gifted young floral arrangers together, from as many countries. They competed at five classic floral design challenges:

  • #1 – “Trees Are My Friends” – a free arrangement
  • #2 – “Summer Dreams” – a hand-tied bouquet
  • #3 – “Romantic picnic in a flowering meadow” – a picnic decoration
  • #4 – “The legend of the red and white roses” – a bridal bouquet
  • #5 – “Nothing can extinguish the flames of love” – a surprise workpiece

Alongside the international young florist competition, various expert demonstrators wowed the audience with their arrangement abilities. Our tremendous appreciation goes out to these supporters. Fabulous floral displays from Hanneke Frankema (reigning EUROPA CUP Champion!) and UNIFLORIST China’s floral art pavilion adorned the Arboretum gardens.

The picnic arrangement by Anian Friedrich from Germany

A collaborative effort

We want to thank the EUROFLEURS 2023 Sponsors – Smithers-Oasis, Planthunters, Concept Factory, Agrokor, Contrast and OZ – for helping to source the top-quality materials and flowers used in the championship. As well as thank our two co-organisers, the Trade Association of Florists and Gardeners of Slovenia OZS and Arboretum Volčji Potok for their hard work.

Without all your valuable support, it would not have been possible to organise this wonderful young florist championship!

2023 Young Florist Champion Benoit Barbin in action!

All photographs in this article come courtesy of Jens Poulsen from BLOMSTER Magazine and the Danish Florist Association. For more photos and videos from the EUROFLEURS 2023 championship, visit FLORINT’s Facebook community!

Many of the people present at the European Championship for Young Florists shared photos from the event, and we have collected them there.

For background information about EUROFLEURS 2023, please visit the website.

Save August 26-31 of 2025 in your agenda, when we organise our next big championship: the spectacular Florint World Cup in Floral Art 2025 in The Hague, The Netherlands!

Arboretum Volčji Potok

The historical Park Volčji Potok extends over 85 hectares and is the most visited botanic garden in all of Slovenia. It draws significant amounts of visitors from many neighbouring countries as well, with its seasonal garden shows. 

With its lush green fields and abundance of flowers, the Arboretum formed the perfect backdrop for EUROFLEURS 2023.

The gorgeous bridal bouquet designed by the Danish competitor.

Why FLORINT promotes floral craftsmanship

FLORINT’s European Championship for Young Florists has a long tradition that goes back decades…

The floristry sector has a vast reservoir of artistic talent. At FLORINT, we believe this potential deserves an international stage. Because flowers, by nature, convey emotions and bring happiness to people. And professional florists capture that joy and wonder in their arrangement work. There is no better promotion for our industry.

Additionally, competition amongst peers stimulates innovation and knowledge exchange. This is equally vital for the health of the industry. That is why International Florist Organisation, together with its members and like-minded partners, organizes a monumental floral art championship every two years!

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