Florist inspiration: professional table decorations for the Winter season

Florist inspiration: professional table decorations for the Winter season

At the end of the year, we highlight some approaches to floral design that perfectly fit the Holiday and Winter season. Whether it be table decorations or small contemporary presents for loved ones, these pieces are fun to make and bring joy to any home.

Wintery table arrangements

Christmas decorations come in many colours, shapes and forms, nowadays. But the traditional Winter-season materials and accessories – like baubles, stars, candles and pine cones – remain popular. It all depends on how you use them creatively, and this is where your passion as a floral arranger comes in!

All these Seasonal arrangements were created by the designers from Bloom's ©. They perfectly show off why so many florists around the world love the holiday season.

Trendy holiday-season floral presents:

These cute, small floral presents come from a photo shoot by florist and photographer Monika Roth.

Her whimsical designs offer great suggestions for what floral gifts for a New Year’s celebration could look like. Don’t make it too complicated, and just have fun with it! That joy will shine through. Tiny accessories add to the feeling of spontaneity that the arrangements give off.

The floristry concepts above were realised by professional floral designers in cooperation with Smithers-Oasis. Are you looking for more Winter-season inspiration..?

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  1. Vickey Hammer

    No he podido abrir mi negocio. Vivo en Charleston Carolina del Sur EE.UU.
    estos artículos han sido un estímulo.

    1. Florint

      Triste escuchar eso, Vickey. Este año ha sido tan duro para los floristas que trabajan duro, ¡realmente les deseamos un 2021 más fácil!

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