Florist inspiration: Spring Weddings & First Communion

Florist inspiration: Spring Weddings & First Communion

With Spring on its way, florists need to start preparing for the wedding season. Other important occasions you may also want to take note of are Women’s Day and First Communion – often celebrated around April and May in Catholic countries. Today, we highlight some approaches to elegant floral decorations for these important occasions.

Idyllic bridal flowers:

Looking for a creative, professional approach to the art of making romantic bridal bouquets? Look no further!

These designs by BLOOM’s lovingly blend a wide range of flora and soft colors together. The result is a set of elegant and heart-warming wedding flowers, which many brides would love. Click the images to enlarge them and see all the beautiful details!

🌹 Diseño floral: BLOOM's, de Alemania.

Floristería creativa para bodas y comuniones:

Floral designer Mariola Miklaszewska is a celebrated florist in Poland, where she has started her own floristry academy. She is not afraid to design bold, feminine floral arrangements, as you can see.

They may not be suitable for your average bride, but examples like these can certainly help you ‘piensa fuera de la caja'. ¡Y esa es una habilidad importante para cultivar como florista!

🌹 Diseño floral: © mariola miklaszewska, De Polonia

These two inspirational photoshoots for florists were organized together with the team from Smithers-Oasis.

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