Inspiration for florists: plant-based arrangements for the Winter season

Inspiration for florists: plant-based arrangements for the Winter season

In what direction will you be taking your floristry this Winter season? Will you go for the natural elegance of classic green and white arrangements? Or do you prefer the colourful warmth of Christmas-inspired floristry, complete with gold paint, candles, and stars? In this Inspiration article, we highlight Winter floristry of the more sober variety: trendy plant-based arrangements with ample style.

The pieces utilize lots of different plant elements, and focus on colours like green, white and brown. When an additional splash of pink or blue is added, it is done in a subtle manner. The same goes for decoration elements typical of the Winter period, like stars, candles, and artificial snow spray: use them in moderation where appropriate. And if you start with heart-shaped Oasis Floral Foam as your base, these natural arrangements can be perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day as well!

Do you prefer a more extravagant arrangement style? No problem! When it comes to a florist’s business, your personal passion and preferences should be your guide. Find something you love by browsing Florint’s Inspiration Gallery.

Contemporary Wintery plant arrangements

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Designers and Products

Master craftsmen Stéphane Chanteloube from France, and Erko Feigl and Tino Hoogterp from Germany are the arrangers behind these captivating floral arrangements. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to feature your beautiful designs!

The designers have made use of OASIS® Planting bowls and various types of floral foam for their arrangements.

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