Floristry Inspiration: an inventive and adventurous Advent

Floristry Inspiration: an inventive and adventurous Advent

The Advent period is a time for reflection. Traditionally, in Christianity, several weeks of expectant waiting and preparation for the birth of Jesus. But, for contemporary florists, mainly a time to prepare for one of the busiest moments of the year: the Christmas season. Let’s plan ahead and come up with some amazing arrangements for your customers!

Colourful dry wreaths and table pieces:

Dry flowers are experiencing a bit of a revival, and they can also be an integral part of the decoration during the Advent and Christmas season. The advantages are obvious: with high-quality materials, very durable arrangements with a distinct character can be created. 

In contrast to the classic Advent wreath or arrangement with pine cones, balls and fir, they look airier, more colorful and, above all, more flowery. 

🌹 Floral design by: Fräulein Vintagezauber – Kranz und Blume

 📸 Photography by: Mandy Stappenbeck Photography  

Stylish candle arrangements in black and gold:

This opulent Advent arrangement is dark, rich, and enigmatic. The metallic surfaces and elements set the tone, while the brown details and red candles add warmth to the piece. The base utilized by the designer is an OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder Stick.

🌹 Floristry by: © BLOOM’s.

Looking for more Christmas ideas? We recommend taking a look at the numerous styles highlighted here.

We wish you a delightful Advent period this year. May your homes be cozy, and your business be blooming!

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