Florist inspiration: an exotic, floral celebration of Summer

Inspiración florista: una celebración exótica y floral del verano

Summer is coming – and we’re ready for it! We hope to see florists surprise us this season, with creative arrangements bursting with colour as well as artistic approaches. To help, we provide some professional foam-based design concepts for you below. Plus, we highlight the role of special floral foam shapes. With these quirky bases, you can design the ideal, custom-made decoration for every occasion or party. Easy!

Colourful table pieces with black foam

As a florist, there are many effective ways to cover your floral foam and hide your design mechanics. You can use bags, wraps, pots, or just plant material to do so. But OASIS® BLACK Floral Foam can also be used as a striking design element, as you can see in these pictures.

Modern design in green and white

Aren’t those elegant pieces? Using little more than straightforward techniques, the designers create some highly sophisticated work. Professional florist products like OASIS® AQUA COLOUR Spray and wax in matching hues, help take these pieces to the next level. A powerful tribute to Summer, in just green and white!

🌹 All floristry & 📷 photography in these two galleries by: BLOOM's.

Working with Oasis® Floral Foam Special Shapes

Uniquely shaped floral foam arrangements also make excellent event decorations. They make a big impression, and people love their funny appearance. Florists can profit from the added value they offer, so use them when the occasion is right!

Smithers-Oasis launched a Flamingo, a Unicorn and an Alpaka as modern 3D shapes. But an ever-larger range is being produced, moving far beyond party animals. Nowadays, there’s a suitable one for every possible occasion. Take a look:

Aprende más

A great resource about these unique floral foam shapes is Smithers-Oasis’ professional Lookbook for florists, available online here:

If you’d like to know which OASIS® Floral Foam Special Shapes are available in your area, contact your local supplier. They will be able to tell you more. Have a great idea for an unusual shape that isn’t available yet..? You can also tip OASIS® via: They love that type of feedback!

These last photographs come courtesy of Markus Köpke Photography, and Makis Photography.

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