Florist inspiration: a colourful Summer celebration!

Florist inspiration: a colourful Summer celebration!

The temperature is rising; many of our favourite plants are starting to blossom everywhere. Summer is coming, and we’re excited to celebrate it! This season calls for outdoor parties decorated with radiant floral arrangements, bursting with colour and fragrance. Hopefully, the professional concepts based on floral foam we present below can inspire you. Good luck!

Summer festivities: joyous and colourful

Would you care for a cocktail..? These party arrangements combine eye-catching multi-colour Summer blooms with tasty treats, drinks and citrus fruit to set the mood. Isn’t it an enticing scene? The right combination of accessories results in a setting where the whole is much more than just the sum of its parts. Smart event design!

🌹 All floristry by: florist Gianna Schenke of flower shop Der Blütenwald, in Germany

Striking table pieces using black foam

As a florist, we have all been instructed in clever ways to cover our floral foam and hide our design mechanics. However, you can also use OASIS® BLACK Floral Foam as a convincing design element itself. There is no need to fully cover up this floral foam, which helps you save on costs and also opens up new opportunities!

🌹 All floristry & 📷 photography in these two galleries by: BLOOM’s.

Natural-looking ring arrangements with peonies

Aren’t those designs a delightful tribute to Summer? An arrangement like this as a centerpiece on a table, is guaranteed to take the party atmosphere to another level. The guests will love it!

Moreover, the OASIS® NatureSource™ BIOLIT® Ring used in these designs consists of 20% biobased foam and has a 100% compostable base, making it a sustainable choice. This can be employed as a convincing sales argument too.

🌹 All floristry by: Gianna Schenke of flower shop Der Blütenwald, in Germany

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