EUROFLEURS 2023: the Championship Regulations are now available, and enrolment is open!

EUROFLEURS 2023: the Championship Regulations are now available, and enrolment is open!

Florint’s renowned European Championship for Young Florists, EUROFLEURS, will take place from August 23 to 27 of 2023 in Slovenia. Interested young florists can now register for the competition, and the championship regulations and task descriptions are available. EUROFLEURS 2023 is being organized by the Association of Florists and Gardeners of Slovenia and Arboretum Volčji Potok, with supervision from Florint, the International Florist Organisation.

Enrol in EUROFLEURS 2023

Registration for the European Championship for Young Florists 2023 is now officially open to Florint member associations as well as outside candidates, until April 2023!

You will find the official Eurofleurs Regulations, the Task Descriptions, Enrolment forms, and other relevant championship documents in the following online folder. We highly recommend bookmarking this folder, if you are involved with the competition:

Please make sure to read through the 2023 EUROFLEURS Regulations document carefully. The details of the enrolment process are explained in the Regulations plus the Registration Forms you will find in this folder. To register for EUROFLEURS 2023, please complete the registration form for competitors and the form for assistants, and return it by email to before 31 March 2023.

Important note: As a general rule, EUROFLEURS is open to florists under 26 years. Because EUROFLEURS 2023 was moved back due to COVID-19, however, the official age limit for participants is: the competitor may be maximum 27 years at the start of the competition

Event Location

The inspirational park Arboretum Volčji Potok will host and help organize EUROFLEURS 2023. This historic green estate lies only about 20 kilometres to the northeast of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana.

Arboreto Volčji Potok

Park Volčji Potok extends over 85 hectares, and is the most visited botanic garden in all of Slovenia. It draws significant amounts of visitors from many neighbouring countries too, because of its famous seasonal garden shows.

In mid-Summer, the blooming Arboretum will provide a wonderful setting for the young floral artists participating in the EUROFLEURS championship.

Discover the historic Slovenian park online at:

The Program

Visitors of EUROFLEURS 2023 are recommended to arrive on the 23rd of August, and depart on the 27th. The outdoor championship will take place on August 24, 25 and 26, and end with a spectacular award gala on the 26th. All the floral workpieces can still be viewed on the 27th and after as well.

Sustainability and a ‘back to basics’ approach to floristry will be prominent themes of this European Championship for Young Florists. The competitors will be asked to complete 5 floristry tasks:

#1 – “Trees Are My Friends” – a free arrangement

#2 – “Summer Dreams” – a hand-tied bouquet

#3 – “Romantic picnic in a flowering meadow” – a picnic decoration

#4 – “The legend of the red and white roses” – a bridal bouquet

#5 – “Nothing can extinguish the flames of love” – a surprise workpiece

Alongside the gorgeous summer gardens of the Arboretum, the nearby capital city of Ljubljana offers plenty of accommodation and recreation options for tourists. We recommend the website to start planning your visit to the region.

Team Member Image

Team Member Image

Team Member Image


The EUROFLEURS championship is the junior version of the EUROPA CUP for florists, International Florist Organisation’s flagship event. Like the EUROPA CUP, it is organised every four years by a member country, under the patronage of Florint.

The most gifted young florists from all over the world will be competing for the title of Young Florist Champion. This makes EUROFLEURS 2023 a sparkling, delightful summer event.

For general information about FLORINT’s 4-yearly EUROFLEURS championship, continue reading here.

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