The STAP program for entrepreneurship cultivation is an important foundation of Florint’s added-value program. It is one of the most effective instruments in the Entrepreneurship Toolbox we have developed for our members.

What is STAP?

STAP is short for ‘Strategic Analysis & Plan’. The STAP system was developed in The Netherlands by the Dutch Florist Association, VBW. The program quickly proved to be a powerful tool. Most of the VBW member florists that participated in STAP showed very positive results. So much so, in fact, that other trade organisations soon adopted the program as well.

Florint is now rolling out the STAP program for entrepreneurial development exclusively for all its member associations.

The Benefits of STAP:

To begin the STAP process, we carefully analyse your organisation, strategy and market. Then, we ask ourselves: how can you make the business life of your members even better..?

We identify opportunities for growth together, develop a great plan, and help you execute it.

Valor añadido:

STAP is a proven approach. It combines critical analysis and smart planning in order to improve your business plan. The results: better margins, improved communication and more satisfied clients!

Want to profit from the STAP program?

Florint’s STAP experts will gladly help you set up the program on behalf of your members. Let’s book some remarkable results together, just as many others have done!

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