Florist of the Future

A prospering, long-term sustainable business: this is what we desire for all floral entrepreneurs. To help florists realise that, Florint constantly develops its toolbox of added-value instruments. We provide these tools to our member associations, so that their member florists can in turn benefit from them.

La floristería del futuro‘, is what we call this side of Florint’s activitities. Because we are always looking ahead to what floral entrepreneurs will need to know, have and do, to be successful a few years from now. And we are actively creating the tools they need to support this future entrepreneurship and marketing success.

La floristería del futuro

When it comes to good entrepreneurship and business marketing, there are a few crucial elements. Florint identifies these 5 challenges many florists deal with:

  • Our Target Groups
  • Our Positioning
  • Our Choice of Products
  • Our Skills & Education
  • Our Business Model

Together with nuestros compañeros, we find solutions to all five challenges. Those solutions become the instruments in our Entrepeneurship Toolbox. A toolbox filled with tips and tricks that have been proven to contribute to success!

4 Examples of Florint’s Added Value:

• Offering tips for florists’ business positioning, based on international best practices
• Providing detailed information on the buying behaviour of crucial consumer segments
• Providing information on the optimal marketing approach for each consumer segment
• Helping florist associations to further develop and improve their member services

Many of these ‘best practices’ are outlined for you in the Powerpoint presentation below. Use it as a checklist, to see in what areas you may be able to improve your business!

Want to learn even more..? Members of Florint receive access to the full set of instruments in Florint’s Entrepreneurship toolbox. And get our support in helping to make the most of this valuable information!

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