Helping our florist association members become even better entrepreneurs is central to Florint’s added-value program for the professional florist. The better their business, the more they can improve the business life of the florist!

What is it that makes a business successful..? There are many factors to success. But good entrepreneurship and marketing-communication strategies are vital when you run a professional company. It doesn’t matter whether this business is a florist association, or a flower shop..!


We have produced an Entrepreneurship Toolbox for our member associations, together with our strategic partners. It is a very helpful tool to address many of the key challenges florists face!

This toolbox is, currently, filled with 8 instruments that florist associations can use to make business better for their member florists. These added-value instruments enable you to offer your members:

✔ The STAP Program for Entrepreneurship Cultivation

✔ Workshops & Trainings for Florists

✔ Consumer Information and Segmentation

✔ Localized Marketing Support

✔ Online Marketing Video Support

✔ A Quality Education Programme

✔ A Discount on Fuel Purchases

✔ Access to the best-priced Direct-from-the-Grower Online Marketplace

What’s more, you can provide most of these services based on a commission model – a business model that has proven to be effective. Your member florists benefit from the excellent business services they receive, while your association benefits as well. It’s a win-win scenario!

Profit from our Entrepreneurship Toolbox too!