European Qualifications Framework

Marco Europeo de Cualificaciones

Florint’s floristry education support project is based on the European Qualifications Framework. We apply the framework to the different stages of education in floristry, in order to clarify the differences between the education systems of various countries. As an example, […]

A Code of Practice for (starting) florists

Un código de práctica para (principiantes) floristas

What are the fundamental steps to becoming a professional florist? Can you name them all..? In our booklet ‘Learn the 7 Secrets of World-class Florists‘, we try to do exactly this. We list the crucial skills that a professional florist […]

Floristry Education by Florint

Floristry Education by Florint

The goal of our international Floristry Education Support Project is to safeguard the quality level of florists’ education. Instruction systems should teach floral arrangers the classic principles of floral design, as well as the modern business skills they also need […]

Florint’s International 100-Points System

Sistema internacional de 100 puntos de Florint

Scoring floral design with the International 100-Points System We have based the 100-Points Scoring System on four main evaluation criteria: Idea, Colour, Composition and Technique. All four represent a crucial aspect of good floristry design. The four criteria can be […]

The European Summit on Education in Floristry

La Cumbre Europea sobre Educación en Floristería

The floristry sector needs change all around, to be able to confront the novel challenges of tomorrow. One of the fundamental pillars of this change is the need for industry and florist schools to address the problems facing floristry -and work together, hand-in-hand, to increase the standard.

Florint’s Floristry Judging System

Sistema de evaluación de floristería de Florint

Certification for professional floristry judges & assessors Florint puts tremendous effort into improving the quality level of floral design competitions. We have developed competition blueprints and formats for this purpose, in which the experiences of many years are collected. But […]