The Craftsmanship part of Florint’s added-value program for the professional florist consists of many different elements. For example, we offer our members and followers:

Trend Reports: professional studies that address relevant developments in floral design, the flower sector, and consumer behaviour.

Floristry Tips & Tricks – inspirational techniques from expert designers, and other clever floral arrangement tips.

Él Copa Europa – the European Floristry Championship, organised by Florint and its members. This famous tournament is one giant testament to professional craftsmanship!

eurofleurs – our European Championship for Young Florists.

As well as a fun Floral Art Gallery. This is where we get to show off the photos of all the amazing floral arrangements we encounter during our work. A tribute to the professional florist!

The added value of membership

Some of our Craftsmanship instruments and tips are public, while others are reserved for the members of Florint: this is the added value that comes with being a member of our global organisation.

If you browse our website, you will find plenty of useful resources that you can freely benefit from! It pays to have a good look around.

And if you would like to learn more about becoming a member of Florint, do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information:

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