The European Summit on Education in Floristry

The floristry sector needs change all around, to be able to confront the novel challenges of tomorrow. One of the fundamental pillars of this change is the need for industry and florist schools to address the problems facing floristry – and work together, hand-in-hand, to increase the standard.

Summit Details

What Florint and Flornet want, in essence, is to reconnect industry and education; to create a more homogeneous European education system, and to address the decrease in students of floristry. These are the key points of the first European Floristry Education Summit, which we have scheduled for November 5 of this year. We would like to call on all stakeholders in floristry education to attend the conference, so that we can address these critical issues and, together, come up with fitting solutions!

The abovementioned issues concern all those students and florists receiving an education where they will, after their studies, have a key influence on how flower businesses work; solve day-to-day problems with clients; be responsible for the completion of tasks at the workshop; exercise the necessary change and a degree of self-management in the shop.

The key questions the summit wishes to address are:

  • Nowadays, what are the main professional competences required by our target florist described above?
  • What education is currently offered for that level in the national curriculums?
  • What changes need to be incorporated into national curriculums?
  • With the standard in floristry dropping, how can we improve the standard and make floristry appealing again as a profession?

The aim of the conference is to address the above concerns and to try to create, for now, a baseline in education throughout Europe. Moreover, the summit will also look at how to create this baseline in a way that is appealing for a professional career.

The issues in floristry education will not be resolved immediately the next day, clearly. Florint and Flornet will look into all the issues presented above, therefore, and subsequently organize a follow-up conference, after Florint’s Europa Cup in Genoa, Italy, in April 2016.

Summit Brochure and Registration Form

Please download the official brochure of the European Summit on Education in Floristry, with more details on the event program and registration, here:

Brochure in .doc format (for Microsoft Word)

Brochure in .pdf format (for Adobe Reader or similar)

Registration is required to attend the summit. The registration form can be downloaded by clicking here.

We hope to see you there!