Floristry Education by Florint

Floristry Education by Florint

What is Florint’s Floristry Education Support Project? Put simply, it is an ambitious collaborative effort to develop a common curriculum and assessment system to help instructors teach good floral design.

The goal of our international Floristry Education Support Project is to safeguard the quality level of florists’ education. Instruction systems should teach aspiring florists both the classic principles of floral design, and the crucial modern business skills they also need to thrive. This is especially important in countries where floristry is not yet supported by the state, and where the florist is an unregulated profession.

We also help to harmonise the national instruction systems that currently exist, which differ substantially. Such harmonisation will ease international comparisons, enhance the exchange of knowledge and skills, and help stimulate the mobility of florists.

A long history of education support

International Florist Organisation has been active in supporting professional floristry education for over twenty years. Many of the members of Florint’s Direction Committee have personal backgrounds in education, and we have strong ties to many floral design schools in our member countries and beyond.

The early phase of Florint’s education project focused on the development of standardized learning units, education modules, and an assessment system that allows these floristry courses to be studied in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Floristry schools and teachers from six different countries took part in the trials. This initial phase of our education project was funded through a KA2 Erasmus+ grant from the European Union.

The complex professional profile of a modern-day florist

Recent developments

The second, follow-up phase of our floristry education project was launched in 2020. It focuses on implementing the developed system in Florint member countries that lack formal education in floristry, and want international support.

To help interested florist associations set up a basic curriculum in floral design, or improve an existing training system, our team of experts has developed a Handbook for Vocational Education in Floristry for EQF level 3 to 4. We also provide crucial support in other ways, like helping to select, assess and train capable floristry teachers.

Project partners

Florint’s floristry education project is managed together with our education partner Flornet, a European network of 30+ floristry schools. Flornet also helps with the execution of our Judges’ Certification project, through which we certify florists as professional floral design assessors and championship judges.

Together with our other education partners, we are united in the European Platform for Floristry Vocational Education & Training. We have set up the EPFVET platform to streamline our education activities on behalf of the industry.

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