Florint’s International 100-Points System

Florint’s International 100-Points System

To professionalise floristry assessment, Florint has established a standardised scoring system. This system is known as the “International 100-Points System” for scoring floristry design. It is easy to use and transparent, yet sophisticated. The system has served its purpose very well ever since being developed. It is being used in floristry competitions worldwide, including at Florint’s famous EUROPA CUP and the Interflora World Cup!

Scoring floral design with the International 100-Points System

We have based the 100-Points Scoring System on four main evaluation criteria: Idea, Colour, Composition and Technique. All four represent a crucial aspect of good floristry design. The four criteria can be further divided into sub-categories, if desired.

During a floristry championship, the four criteria are ‘weighted’ separately by the jury’s Technical Committee. For example, the aspect of ‘composition’ may allow you to earn more points than that of ‘colour use’. In that case, the jury has decided that composition is more important for this particular task. Such a weighting method allows for the most precise and fair assessment.

Candidate judges use the score sheets of the 100-Points System to evaluate a floral design.

The 100-Points System is now fully digital

Since its launch some 30 years ago, Florint’s scoring system has constantly been improved upon. We have finalised an important update to the score sheets used in the system in 2021: they have now been made fully digital! This upgrade makes it even easier for trained judges to measure and report their scores transparently.

The new digital score sheets can be easily customised to your wishes and are available via Google Drive, both online and offline. This digitalisation provides many advantages, as our scoring system is now:

  • Independent of any hardware or software provider.
  • Independent of internet connection availability.
  • Always up to date.
  • With Florint in complete control of the system.
  • And FREE of charge for Florint members.

Added Value

Competition organisers, please apply to Florint for a customised version of the 100-Points Scoring System to use for your competition! (single use only).

Florint’s Judges’ Certification System

Florint did not always have a system for certifying floral design assessors and championship judges. Initially, aspiring floristry judges were only required to follow some judging courses to get acquainted with the 100-Points System methodology. After that, we would include them in Florint’s list of official European floristry judges.

About ten years ago, however, Florint decided to further improve upon this system. We wanted to make ‘floristry judge’ an official title, which would guarantee professionalism. So, together with Flornet and other valued industry partners, we successfully developed a certification process for floral design assessors and judges.

This follow-up initiative is known as the Florint Judges’ Certification (‘JudgCert’) system. It is the official instruction method that Florint now teaches and promotes. An advanced training and accreditation process has replaced the old, simplified format of judging courses.

A good understanding of Florint’s 100-Points System remains crucial to becoming a certified floristry design judge. But alongside knowledge of the scoring system, Florint’s Judges’ Certification system also tests the personal competencies of the judge. This ensures a jury of the highest standard. And that is, after all, what the hardworking competitors in a championship deserve!

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