European Qualifications Framework

European Qualifications Framework

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a standardization system that works to simplify, and make comparable, the different stages of education throughout Europe. It aims to allow people to move across borders in the certainty that the European job market can understand, and properly value, the student’s/worker’s educational level regardless of country.

Florint’s floristry education support project is based on the European Qualifications Framework. We apply the framework to the different stages of education in floristry, in order to clarify the differences between the education systems of various countries.

As an example, an employer in France may want to recruit a florist from Germany. The EQF system allows the French employer to know the relevant education level of the German florist, by comparing the different levels of education common to all EU countries through the EQF table.

The structure of the EQF system is based on 8 different levels, each representing a different educational stage. It also lists the related job output and competencies that a person at that stage possesses.

Applying the EQF levels to floristry education

Together with our partners in the European Platform for Vocational Training & Education (EPFVET), we have applied the EQF framework to education in floristry. This has resulted in clearly-described Intellectual Outputs (IO’s) as well as training courses for floristry students at EQF-levels 3 through 6.

To learn more about this work, please get in touch with our Education Committee.

More information about the EQF framework

For more information about the European Qualifications Framework visit one of these websites: