Book tip: a Code of Practice for (starting) florists

Book tip: a Code of Practice for (starting) florists

What are the fundamental steps to becoming a professional florist? Can you name them all..?

In our booklet ‘Learn the 7 Secrets of World-class Florists‘, we try to do exactly this. We explain all the crucial topics, divided into 7 chapters. From how to purchase the right flowers and plants, to proper storage and conditioning, all the way through to hygiene and customer service.

With these step-by-step do’s and don’ts, we provide you with a reference book about the basic principles of good floral entrepreneurship. It’s free to download:

code of practice
Click to download our Code of Practice

Many of the tips in this ‘Code of Practice’ you will know already! But some you may have forgotten along the way, while others may be new to you. There is something to learn in it, for florists of any level of proficiency.

Please have a look, this booklet is offered free of charge. And if you know somebody who could benefit from this Code of Practice, share it with them!

The booklet was produced together with Chrysal International, one of Florint’s important partners in floristry education. We both believe in the vital importance of good care, handling and hygiene. Alongside great craftsmanship, this is what sets the florist apart from other sales channels.

Do you want to become more familiar with Chrysal’s range of professional care products for florists? It’s worth it! We recommend applying for a free trial package of their most popular products.