Design inspiration for professional florists: Advent & Christmas themes

Design inspiration for professional florists: Advent & Christmas themes

Do you prefer a classic approach to floristry, or a trendy, modern style? Bold and colourful, or with a focus on greenery? The Christmas period can accommodate any preferences, as these inspirational arrangements show.

The beginning of the winter season is usually a welcome moment for most florists. We’re kept busy, but it’s not as manic as the Valentine’s Day period is (if we’re lucky!). And as it gets colder and darker outside, our homes start to radiate that delightful warmth and light.

2020 has been a year like no other, however. The Florint team would like to wish you an especially warm, love-filled and healthy Advent season this year!

For the arrangements we highlight here, the designers have made use of the OASIS® Table Deco Quaddro floral foam base and the OASIS® Designer’s Collection: blocks, cylinders and plates of OASIS® BLACK floral foam.

The set of photographs of the beautiful Table Deco Quaddro arrangement with the grey candle comes courtesy of © Gärtnerei Scharrenbach Blumenkönig.

The copyrights on the photos of the arrangements with the ochre yellow candles belong to Doris Heinrich Photography. The floral design was done by Ms Lisa Thalmayr.

The arrangements in green, lastly, come via © Barbara Bruckbauer – Herzenswärme Fotografie. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to feature them!

These photoshoots were done by the floral designers in cooperation with Smithers-Oasis. For even more heartwarming Christmas and Advent inspiration, we highly recommend visiting

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