Florint organises the European Championship for Young Florists, called Eurofleurs, ever since 1998. The competition helps to stimulate the professionalism of young floral designers, and puts a spotlight on some of the world’s greatest talents!

The Eurofleurs competition can be seen as the younger brother of Florint’s famous Europa Cup, in which the competitors are senior florists with lots of experience. Eurofleurs, by contrast, provides skilled young floral artists with the opportunity to take their first steps on an international stage.

Why a competition for young florists?

Added Value:

Eurofleurs is a stage for the craftsmanship and skill of professional florists, just like our Europa Cup is.

Organising these international floristry championships is a crucial part of Florint’s strategic agenda. The broad exposure of good floral craftsmanship is important to us, our member associations, as well as the entire flower sector.

The competition often launches the careers of the young florists that participate in it. Many of them go on to become celebrated designers in their own regions. Some even end up doing floristry demonstrations all over the world, inspiring many other young people to take up floral design.

Organisation & participation

One of Florint’s member associations organises every edition of Eurofleurs. Florint provides support, in the form of competition blueprints; a professional judging system with certified judges, and lots of publicity. We also supervise the championship, in the background.

As a general rule, the European Championship for Young Florists is open to florists under 26 years of age (during EUROFLEURS 2023, the regulated age limit will be under 27 instead. This is because the championship was postponed for one year).

The florist associations that are members of Florint nominate the competitors in the championship, just as with FLORINT’s Europa Cup. Eurofleurs takes place every 4 years, on average.

Upcoming edition: Eurofleurs 2023

A new edition of Eurofleurs, the European Championship for Young Florists, will be organised in 2023. Our member association from Slovenia – – will be hosting Eurofleurs 2023 at the stunning Arboretum Volčji Potok park near the capital Ljubljana. Read more about that here.

Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, both our Europa Cup and Eurofleurs championship, unfortunately, had to be postponed. This has affected the planning of the floristry championships. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Latest edition: Eurofleurs 2017

The European Championship for Young Florists 2017 was held in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, from 15 to 18 September. It was organised by the Royal Union of Belgian Florists, KUFB/URFB, who did a wonderful job.

Remarkable floristry was on display at the monumental ‘Minderbroeders’ monastery, the event location of the Eurofleurs championship. Even Queen Mathilde of Belgium came by, to admire the show!

You can click here to read our official Eurofleurs 2017 news report. It includes all the details of what happened as well as some fabulous photos.

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